As a nation renowned for its unparalleled scuba diving and high-standards of hospitality, it’s no surprise that Indonesia is home to some of the best dive resorts in the world. In fact, there’s such a wide spectrum of world-class scuba resorts throughout the country, that every diver is guaranteed to find somewhere they will love.

We’ve selected and reviewed some of the very best dive resorts from Indonesia’s most popular scuba destinations. Read on and find your favourite.

Indonesia’s top dive resorts reviewed

Dive into our reviews of Indonesia’s best dive resorts below.

Komodo Resort, Komodo

Komodo Resort Indonesia Thumb
Komodo Resort, Indonesia Resort

Perched between the stark landscape of Sebayur Kecil and Komodo’s emerald green waters, the Komodo Resort combines casual toes-in-the-sand tranquillity with easy access to some of Indonesia’s best scuba diving. Despite its seemingly isolated location, Komodo Resort features a surprising array of luxuries, from skillfully-prepared fine dining to onsite spa facilities. Traditional lumbung villas overlook a meticulously-maintained beachfront, perfect for both swimming and sunbathing, and provides access to the kilometre-long house reef beyond.

Dive boats depart from this resort’s central location each morning, visiting two or three of Komodo’s best sites – including bucket-list spots like Batu Bolong and Manta Point. The dive centre accommodates guests of all abilities, including beginners, and offers a range of modern rental equipment as well as comfortable classrooms for students. 

Bunaken Oasis, Sulawesi

Bunaken Oasis Sulawesi Indonesia Thumb
Bunaken Oasis, Indonesia Resort

Bunaken Oasis is an environmentally-conscious luxury resort offering all-inclusive getaways within the Bunaken Marine Park. Featuring just 12 ocean-view cottages, set within five hectares of stunning Indonesian scenery, this resort delivers personal and attentive service, enhanced by little luxuries. Guests here can sink into the depth of relaxation, thanks to gourmet meals, pampering spa services, and a simply stunning free-form infinity pool, while the sprawling house reef, tropical gardens, and mangrove-lined beach offer a different kind of serenity.

Scuba diving services at Bunaken Oasis are designed to fit guests’ schedules, allowing them to choose when and where to explore while the dive staff handle the details. The dive centre offers access to over 90 different sites and comes well equipped for both recreational and technical divers, as well as underwater photographers.

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Papua Explorers, Raja Ampat

Papua Explorers Raja Ampat Indonesia Thumb
Papua Explorers, Indonesia Resort

Papua Explorers is a charming resort on the south coast of Gam, overlooking the Dampier Strait. The resort promotes sustainability and conservation above all else, and has established the Raja Ampat SEA Centre as a platform to conduct conservation work and valuable scientific research. Built in harmony with its surroundings, Papua Explorers is perched above the water at the edge of the dense jungle, offering direct access to the sea and creating a serene setting for a tropical vacation.

Guests at Papua Explorers can make the most of their time in this biodiverse region with up to three boat dives a day, as well as unlimited diving on the house reef. Nitrox is available for anyone suitably qualified, while non-diving guests are free to join the dive boats.

Misool Eco Resort, Raja Ampat

Misool Eco Resort Thumb
Misool Eco Resort, Indonesia Resort

Misool Eco Resort lies in perfect isolation in the remote southern reaches of Raja Ampat, surrounded by a 300,000 acre marine reserve of its own making. This secluded resort delivers beautiful boutique luxury and unparalleled hospitality, and offers an exceptional four to one staff-to-guest ratio and sumptuous services including an onsite spa. Best of all, as Misool Eco Resort was built entirely from reclaimed timber on a former shark-finning island, and features sustainable operations throughout, guests can enjoy a sustainable stay in the heart of the Misool’s reefs and islands.

With direct access to remote, protected waters Misool Eco Resort offers the variety and quality of liveaboard diving, combined with the comforts of a private island resort. In fact, over 25 world-renowned dive sites lie within 15-minutes of the resort, including Fiabacet, Boo, and Magic Mountain. And, of course, the dive centre is adequately equipped to service the most dedicated of divers, including professional photographers and videographers.

Nautika Dive, Alor

Nautika Dive Alor Thumbnail
Nautika Dive Alor, Indonesia Resort

Nautika Dive is a Indonesian-owned dive resort located in an idyllic spot in the Alor Archipelago, just a stone’s throw from some of the most popular sites. This small dive lodge delivers unprecedented standards of service, creating peaceful and relaxing adventures in an intimate setting. The property itself is minimal in its furnishings but beautiful in its design, incorporating breathtaking views of the Pantar Strait wherever possible.

As the first PADI resort in Alor, underwater enthusiasts are particularly well taken care of at Nautika Dive. The resort welcomes divers of all levels and experience, and is able to ensure their needs are met thanks to a suite of premium facilities often reserved for far larger operations. Beginners will feel reassured by the team’s professional and personalised approach, while experienced divers will appreciate optional nitrox fills and an air-conditioned camera room fitted with an air blower, tools, cleaning kit, and charging points.

Ceningan Divers, Bali

Ceningan Divers Bali Indonesia Thumb
Ceningan Divers, Indonesia Resort

Ceningan Divers is a rustic eco-retreat constructed conscientiously using local design traditions and built to blend in with the local environment as much as possible. Located at the edge of a mangrove forest on the quiet island of Ceningan, this captivating resort feels wonderfully secluded while providing access to some of Bali’s best diving. As a Green Fins gold member, Ceningan Divers also guarantees a commitment to conservation and sustainability, bringing peace of mind to environmentally-aware guests.

From Ceningan, guests will enjoy easy access to the exciting dive sites of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, well-known for manta ray and mola mola encounters. Two scheduled boat dives are offered every morning, with additional afternoon or night dives depending on the day. This PADI 5-Star CDC is also the ideal place to learn, offering a spacious training pool, air-conditioned classrooms, and expert instructors with decades of experience.

Alam Anda, Bali

Alam Anda Tulamben Bali Thumb
Alam Anda, Indonesia Resort

Alam Anda is a four-star hotel situated on Bali’s northeast coast. Set within two-hectares of coconut palms, frangipanis, mangos, and banana trees, and surrounded by criss-crossing watercourses, this beautiful retreat guarantees plenty of peace and quiet. From the empty volcanic beachfront to the inviting, stone-walled swimming pool and exquisite onsite spa, every aspect of Alam Anda is its own little haven, coming together to form a quintessential tropical escape. Of course, more adventurous excursions can also be organised, such as volcano trekking, white water rafting, dolphin watching, mountain biking, and more.

When it comes to diving, Alam Anda’s newly renovated dive centre lies just 50-metres from the beach, providing instant access to the protected house reef beyond. But, divers don’t have to stay local, with the likes of the Liberty Wreck not far away along the coast and options to join extended day-trips to spots such as Menjangan or Nusa Penida.

Lembeh Resort, Sulawesi

Lembeh Resort Sulawesi Indonesia Thumb
Lembeh Resort, Indonesia Resort

Lembeh Resort occupies an ideal location on the island of Lembeh, overlooking one of Indonesia’s most famous straits. Manicured walkways meander through the dense tropical foliage to connect the various parts of this resort, from the oceanfront swimming pool to the secluded garden spa. Guests at Lembeh Resort can choose from a range of accommodation options – from garden rooms to hillside cottages and clifftop suites – each offering views of the surroundings.

To help dedicated divers get the most out of their time here, Lembeh Resort operates a ‘Dive as you like’ policy, meaning the dive schedule is worked out according to guests’ desires. Many of Lembeh’s renowned sites are within 15-minutes of the resort, and the house reef is available at any time of day and night. Lembeh Resort also features a huge camera room and purpose-built photo centre where guests can book courses and critiques from an in-house professional.

Kalimaya Dive Resort, Sumbawa

Kalimaya Sumbawa Indonesia Thumb
Kalimaya Dive Resort, Indonesia Resort

Located in the isolated reaches of East Sumbawa, Kalimaya Dive Resort is currently the only land-based operator providing access to the untouched dive sites around West Komodo, Gili Banta and Sangeang. This resort’s off-the-beaten-track location makes it ideal for authentic and adventurous experiences, while luxurious considerations such as a seaview saltwater lap pool and sprawling private beach guarantee blissful relaxation. And, accommodating just 20 guests at a time, Kalimaya Dive Resort is able to deliver highly-personalised service at all times.

Equipped with modern facilities for cameras and other private equipment, as well as comfortable custom speedboats, this PADI 5-Star dive resort is the perfect base from which to explore the sites of East Sumbawa and West Komodo. Two dive trips are offered each morning, and experienced buddy teams are free to explore the house reef anytime they want during the afternoon and evening. 

Virgin Cocoa, Kalimantan

Virgin Cocoa Indonesia Thumb
Virgin Cocoa, Indonesia Resort

Virgin Cocoa is an exquisite luxury resort located at the south end of Maratua Atoll, in the remote Derawan Archipelago. Set amongst swaying coconut palms, this resort delivers dreamy wellness-inspired escapes with a relaxed toes-in-the-sand atmosphere. Guests can expect indulgent massage and spa services, daily yoga and mindfulness offerings, and healthy meals, all enjoyed within a beautiful designer setting.

Virgin Cocoa’s partner dive centre, Extra Divers, is part of a prestigious global chain known for high-quality service. A choice of full and half-day trips are available throughout Maratua Atoll, Kakaban and Sangalaki, while detailed reef maps allow for self-guided exploration of the huge house reef. Thanks to its remote location, Virgin Cocoa is able to offer access to some of Indonesia’s newest diving frontiers, including the largely undiscovered Muaras Reef south of Maratua.

Triton Bay Divers, Triton Bay

Triton Bay Divers Thumb
Triton Bay Divers, Indonesia Resort

Triton Bay Divers is a small, secluded resort located in one of West Papua’s most remote diving destinations, Triton Bay. Established in partnership with local land-owners, this resort aims to conserve its pristine natural surroundings and support sustainable development for the community. To reduce its environmental impact, this resort was constructed from primarily reclaimed materials using traditional techniques, whilst still allowing for a modern touch. But, you won’t spend much time indoors here, with sweeping tropical gardens, sparkling white sand, and a stunning house reef all waiting to be explored.

The dive centre at Triton Bay Divers offers a range of well-maintained rental gear, minimising the need to cart bulky personal gear to this remote destination. Guests can enjoy up to three guided boat dives a day, alongside unlimited unguided diving on the resort’s sprawling house reef. And, of course, this resort also offers trips to Triton Bay’s whale shark bagans.

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