At ZuBlu we are delighted to partner with some incredible companies, organisations and individuals. All of them are passionate about driving a change in ocean tourism and working with us to support all of you in having both incredible experiences and also engaging with the marine environments consciously.

We’re delighted to work with, support, and promote the following organisations and projects


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Reef-world foundation

The Reef-World Foundation operates internationally to support governments and communities in sustainable consumption and production of coastal resources and marine life. Green Fins, their main project implemented in partnership with UN Environment, are the only internationally recognised environmental set of standards for the diving and snorkelling industry supported by a comprehensive management approach to provide guidance and support for business owners and national authorities to promote best practice. We are delighted to be working with the Reef-World Foundation to change public behaviours and attitudes towards coral reefs and the marine environment as a whole and through the Green Fins initiative.


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Matt Oldfield

ZuBlu co-founder

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