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The ZuBlu Site

How does the search work?
How are results displayed?
What are the marine life categories?
What about species?
What if I am using a mobile device or tablet?
What are all the icons used on the search page?
And other pages? What do those icons mean?

Bookings and Payments

I have found my perfect resort - what now?
What about if I don't know where to travel?
How do I make a booking?
Our best price guarantee
How do I know if the booking is confirmed?
How can I pay for my booking?
How is my money protected if I make a booking and payment through ZuBlu?
I have paid for my trip - what happens before I fly?
Can you help me whilst I am traveling?
What happens when I get home?


You describe yourself as a ‘Sustainable dive travel platform’ - what is that?
ZuBlu & Green Fins
Are the resorts you work with 'Eco Resorts'?
What can I do as a guest?
What are the conservation projects you list on your site?

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