The renowned scuba diving destination of Raja Ampat encompasses thousands of idyllic islands, a handful of which are home to world-class dive resorts, offering guests the opportunity to explore these biodiverse waters without compromising on comfort.

In a destination as remote as this, it’s important to carefully consider your choice of resort. The atmosphere, facilities, and nearby dive sites are just a few important factors to think about. To get you started, we’ve used our in-depth knowledge of the region to select and review Raja Ampat's very best dive resorts in 2024.

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Raja Ampat’s top dive resorts reviewed

But, which of these remarkable resorts is the right option for your dream dive getaway in Raja Ampat? Read on to find your favourite.

Best eco-luxury dive resort in Raja Ampat

Misool Eco Resort

Misool Eco Resort, Raja Ampat
Misool Eco Resort, Raja Ampat

Cast away in the far south of Raja Ampat, Misool Eco Resort is an idyllic private island dedicated to sustainable tourism. Entrenched in a sustainable ethos from the outset, Misool Eco Resort chose to breathe new life into a former shark finning camp on Batbitim and was constructed entirely from reclaimed wood. Today, it even features its own on-site organic hydroponics lab and offers spa treatments using products made from fresh, food grade ingredients. But, this resort’s real legacy is the surrounding 300,000 acre marine reserve of its own creation.

The resort’s dive team have explored more than 60 dive sites within Misool’s Marine Reserve and offer exploration of over 25 world-class locations within 15-minutes of the resort – including Fiabacet, Boo, Yilliet, Wobbegong City, and Magic Mountain. Three boat dives are offered daily, as well as either a dusk or night dive, and nitrox is free for qualified divers. 

Resort transfers to/from Sorong are provided on Fridays and Sundays.

Ideal Raja Ampat dive resort for excursions

Cove Eco Resort

Cove Eco Resort, Raja Ampat
Cove Eco Resort, Raja Ampat

Cove Eco Resort is a sustainable three-star eco resort located on the remote, private island of Yeben, around two hours by boat from Waisai. Thanks to its isolated location, Yeben remains one of the best preserved parts of Raja Ampat, making it a pristine paradise for travellers of all kinds. From here, visitors can embark on excursions throughout Raja Ampat, exploring the interesting attractions of Wayag, Arborek, Waigeo and the Fam Islands. Surrounded by seven-kilometres of coral reef and around three-kilometres of inviting white sand, Cove Eco Resort also offers plenty of exploration closer to home, facilitated by guided snorkelling tours and glass-bottom kayaks.

Divers will be amazed at this resort’s proximity to world-famous dive sites such as Mayhem, Melissa’s Garden, Manta Cove, Yeben Shallow, Rufus Wall, and Manta Sandy. And, thanks to a five-kilometre protected zone which surrounds the island, these waters are incredibly biodiverse and even play host to a little-known manta cleaning station.

Resort transfers to/from Waisai are provided on Saturdays and Mondays. A public ferry operates between Sorong and Waisai.

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Best located dive resort in Raja Ampat

Kri Eco Resort and Sorido Bay

Kri Eco Resort, Raja Ampat
Kri Eco Resort, Raja Ampat

Kri Eco Resort and Sorido Bay are two exquisite getaways operated by Papua DIving and located just a stone’s throw from one another, on the beautiful island of Kri. Offering a rustic yet romantic setting, both resorts choose to minimise unnecessary frills in order to highlight the traditional architecture and beautiful natural surroundings. To help guests maximise their time in this unique location, both resorts offer a range of activities, including eco-tours and bird watching trips, and each cottage includes the free use of watersports equipment such as kayaks and paddleboards.

Sorido Bay, Raja Ampat
Sorido Bay, Raja Ampat

But, the unparalleled natural location of these two resorts is perhaps most evident beneath the water, with the record-breaking biodiversity of Cape Kri lying just metres away. In fact, with the Dampier Strait right on its doorstep, many of Raja Ampat’s most renowned dive sites are just a short boat ride away.

Resort transfers to/from Sorong are provided on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Top affordable Raja Ampat dive resort

Dive Into Raja Ampat

Dive Into Raja Ampat, Raja Ampat
Dive Into Raja Ampat, Raja Ampat

Despite being both secluded and highly sought-after, a dive trip to Raja Ampat needn’t break the bank. Dive into Raja Ampat offers affordable, lodge-style accommodation in a quiet spot, kilometres from the next resort. Expect a relaxed and rustic atmosphere with a ‘no shoes and no news’ ethos – perfect for disconnecting from the stresses of everyday life.

Designed by divers, for divers, this resort comes with all the necessities for the dive vacation of a lifetime, including outstanding facilities for underwater photographers such as a camera room, personal gear lockers, and a separate washing station. Guests can expect up to three dives a day on some of Raja Ampat’s most impressive reefs, with the macro critters of Waigo close to home and the current-swept Dampier Strait beyond.

Daily transfers using the ferry service between Sorong and Waisai.

Ideal dive resort in Raja Ampat for beaches and jungle

Raja Ampat Biodiversity

Raja Ampat Biodiversity, Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat Biodiversity, Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Biodiversity is an intimate resort located on a stunning white sand beach on the island of Gam, at the heart of the Dampier Strait. The resort was built in harmony with its surroundings and specifically designed to showcase the unadulterated natural beauty of both land and sea. Backing right onto the jungle, Raja Ampat Biodiversity is a popular stop for bird watchers, delivering regular sightings of endemic Birds of Paradise. In fact, the resort’s own jetty offers a fantastic vantage point each morning, whilst also offering access to the surrounding coastline, where passing dolphins, mantas, and even dugongs can be seen.

Divers and snorkelers alike will appreciate this resort’s concierge-style services and easy access to the house reef. More advanced guests can also make the most of unlimited, self-guided exploration of the house reef and extended 75-minute dive times, ensuring underwater photographers can capture that perfect shot.

Daily transfers using the ferry service between Sorong and Waisai.

Best Raja Ampat dive resort for modern facilities

Meridian Adventure Dive

Meridian Adventure Dive, Raja Ampat
Meridian Adventure Dive, Raja Ampat

Meridian Adventure Dive is one of Raja Ampat’s more modern dive resorts, carefully combining its stunning natural setting with a handful of indulgent luxuries. The resort’s meticulously manicured gardens, pool complex, spa and marina manage to mingle seamlessly with the surrounding mangroves and wild tropical scenery. But, if you feel like getting even further off the beaten path, Meridian Adventure Dive offers a unique homestay programme, allowing guests to immerse themselves in local life.

Divers of all experience levels are well-cared for at Meridian Adventure Dive, with courses and guided experiences suited to all abilities. Up to four dives are offered each day, with well thought out schedules to help guests experience the most sites possible during their stay. And, with over 100 of the park's very best dive sites within reach, you won’t want to waste any time.

Daily transfers using the ferry service between Sorong and Waisai.

Top dive resort in Raja Ampat for overwater bungalows

Papua Explorers

Papua Explorers, Raja Ampat
Papua Explorers, Raja Ampat

Overwater accommodation is common in Raja Ampat, but few water villas can compare to those at Papua Explorers. These elegant and spacious rooms are perched above the ocean, along the edge of the pristine Papuan jungle, overlooking the Dampier Strait. Each bungalow is built using local, natural materials and was designed to harness the cooling sea breeze to keep guests comfortable. Rooms feature ensuite bathrooms supplied with hot water, a desk for working on cameras, mosquito nets, and a veranda providing stunning views and direct access to the sea.

Papua Explorer’s PADI 5-Star dive centre organises up to three boat dives a day. Snorkelers are welcome to join the dive boats or can be allocated a boat of their own if in a group of five or more. Suitably certified and experienced divers can also make the most of unlimited diving on the house reef and free nitrox fills. 

Resort transfers to/from Sorong are provided on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Best Raja Ampat dive resort for exploring southern Batanta

Papua Paradise Eco Resort

Papua Paradise Eco Resort, Raja Ampat
Papua Paradise Eco Resort, Raja Ampat

Papua Paradise is perched on the island of Birie, off Batanta’s north coast, facing the Dampier Strait. This exceptional location allows guests to explore all the legendary dive sites that made Raja Ampat famous, as well as some less well-known ones around Batanta itself. Part of the Lotus Group of hotels, this resort features stunning overwater accommodation, pampering spa services and refined dining, with exotic menus featuring sustainable seafood and organic produce grown onsite.

Diving at Papua Paradise is operated by the PADI 5-Star Gangga Divers which comes equipped with a modern camera room and comfortable classrooms. Guests can enjoy multiple tanks each day from a fleet of eight dedicated dive boats, or opt to stay closer to home and explore the resort’s own house reef – home to mandarinfish, bamboo sharks, and more.

Resort transfers to/from Sorong are provided daily.

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