Baja California

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Baja California

Baja diving is dynamic and diverse, with unique and dramatic landscapes, powerful currents, and close encounters with some of the planet's most impressive marine wildlife.

Diving Highlights

Spanning thousands of kilometres from north to south, Baja California is a massive and diverse diving destination - with each region boasting its own incredible underwater attractions. But, the peninsula’s striking underwater world isn’t its only attraction. This region’s unique desert environment is just as stunning above water as it is below - with volcanic and barren landscapes set against a backdrop of dazzling turquoise and fascinating formations like Cabo's Lands End Arch!

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Top Baja California experiences

Swim with whale sharks in La Paz Image
October to May

Swim with whale sharks in La Paz

Each year, these gentle ocean giants gather in the shallows around the La Paz harbour to feast on their favourite microscopic meal - plankton.

Visit a sea lion rookery Image
September to May

Visit a sea lion rookery

Taking the plunge alongside these graceful underwater acrobats is an absolute must! Juvenile sea lions love to ham it up for the camera, with playful antics like tugging on divers’ fins.

Explore Socorro, land of giants Image
October to July

Explore Socorro, land of giants

Thanks to decades of marine park protection and their remote, isolated location, these islands are home to some of planet earth's most impressive marine megafauna.

Cruise the Sea of Cortez Image
October to February

Cruise the Sea of Cortez

Join a liveaboard cruise and explore the remote islands and coastlines of the ‘Aquarium of the World’ - with whales, sharks, schooling mobula rays and more on offer.

Meet Guadalupe's white sharks Image
July through October

Meet Guadalupe's white sharks

This far-flung destination, home to a seasonal aggregation of great white sharks, is only dived by liveaboard. Visitors here dive in surface and submerged cages, safely observing one of the Pacific's top predators.

Conservation success in Cabo Pulmo Image
Year round

Conservation success in Cabo Pulmo

Once fished to the brink of collapse, Cabo Pulmo has become a national treasure, boasting some of Mexico's most pristine reef habitats and unforgettable wildlife encounters.

Baja California diving seasons

Baja California is a year-round diving destination, but conditions do vary considerably depending on when you visit. Between June and August, temperatures on land can soar to 40˚C and beyond, combining with seasonal wind and arid conditions to create a harsh desert climate. And, between January and March, water temperatures can plummet to a frigid 22˚C or lower - requiring a thick wetsuit, hood, and gloves for most divers. When booking your trip, try to avoid American school breaks and religious holidays when dive sites close to shore might feel a bit crowded.

Sea of Cortez

Plan your trip between October February, but avoid December and the Christmas holidays for the best all-around experience. These months deliver excellent diving conditions and once-in-a-lifetime wildlife sightings. And, with a little pre-planning, it's easy to avoid the seasonal influx of tourists.

Los Cabos

Visit here between October and February for the best chances of spotting hammerheads, or between January and April for migrating humpbacks on the surface. Cabo San Lucas can feel a bit congested during December and is best avoided during this month if diving is your top priority. Late summer, June through August, can deliver outstanding diving conditions if you don't mind the harsh desert heat.

Socorro and Guadalupe

These two radically different offshore diving regions boast opposing seasons. Most liveaboards visit Guadalupe between July and October when the region's white shark population peaks. Revillagigedo and Socorro are dived during the rest of the year. And, a few pioneering liveaboards are beginning to offer combination trips during the shoulder season that bring the best of both worlds together in one itinerary!