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Explore haunting and historical shipwrecks, cruise thriving coral reefs, take on heart-pounding drift dives, and discover incredible biodiversity in some of Egypt's most impressive diving destinations.

Diving Highlights

With an enticing mix of ancient cultures and deserts, spectacular coral reefs and remote islands to explore, the Egyptian Red Sea is justifiably famous as offering some of the finest diving experiences on the planet - perfect for discerning divers of any experience level.

  • Dive beautiful reefs filled with spectacularly-colourful marine life
  • Learn to dive or improve your skills at Dahab, home to the Blue Hole
  • Witness huge schools of fish gathering to spawn at Ras Mohammed National Park
  • Explore magnificent wrecks including the famous Thistlegorm, Giannis D & Dunraven 
  • Encounter dolphins & dugongs in MA, coral-fringed coastal bays at Marsa Alam
  • Head south to Elphinstone, Brothers, St Johns, Rocky Island & Zabargad in search of oceanic whitetip & hammerhead sharks
  • Enjoy exceptional visibility with 40m+ in the winter months

Made famous by Jacques Cousteau, Egypt's Red Sea is one of the most legendary diving destinations on Planet Earth. This diverse region is home to an incredible variety of dive sites, including colourful light-filled coral gardens, plummeting walls and dizzying dropoffs, and eerie shipwrecks emerging from the depths. Plus, ripping currents playing host to vast schools of tuna and trevally, and plenty of pelagic wildlife like sharks. The Red Sea is stunning above water as well, with unique sights like the rusting hulks of ships perched high above the waves, and stark desert landscapes perfectly contrasted against its sparkling turquoise waters.

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Top Egypt experiences

Explore the SS Thistlegorm Wreck Image
Year round

Explore the SS Thistlegorm Wreck

This easy to access wreck boasts some of the Red Sea's most beginner-friendly penetration routes and impressive wartime relics like motorcycles and trucks.

Big fish action at the Brothers Islands Image
September to November

Big fish action at the Brothers Islands

These twin islands are famous for drift diving, healthy coral, schooling fish, and up-close encounters with curious sharks - especially oceanic whitetips.

Dive some of the Planet's best coral reefs Image
March to May

Dive some of the Planet's best coral reefs

Thanks to decades of strict protection, the coral reefs around Tiran and Ras Mohammed National Park are some of the world's healthiest and most exhilarating.

High speed drift diving at Elphinstone Reef Image
September to November

High speed drift diving at Elphinstone Reef

Enjoy a rush of adrenaline gliding past Elphinstone Reef’s coral-encrusted walls with the southern Red Sea's powerful open-ocean currents pushing you along.

Far-Flung Adventures in the Deep South Image
September to November

Far-Flung Adventures in the Deep South

Bordering with Sudan, Egypt's most remote dive sites are famous for flourishing reefs, fast-moving currents, and encounters with marine megafauna.

Dive Dahab's renowned Blue Hole Image
March to June

Dive Dahab's renowned Blue Hole

Open only to adventurous and advanced divers; this is one of Egypt's most challenging and notorious sites. And, it's one of the planet's best places to master tech diving!

When to dive Egypt's Red Sea

Egypt's Red Sea is a year-round diving destination, but conditions do vary considerably from month to month. For the best overall experience, plan your trip between March and May or September and November. These months offer a perfect balance between excellent weather, fewer tourists, and plenty of wildlife in the region.

Northern Red Sea 

Visibility in this region is generally exceptional. But, it peaks beginning in March and continuing on through July. This time of year is also excellent for spotting passing pelagics like sharks and rays. 

Central Red Sea

Many of these diving areas are a quick trip from Hurghada, making them highly popular among day-trippers. Avoid the peak season from May through August and during the December holidays if you want the region's best sites all to yourself.

Southern Red Sea 

While sharks are present in this area throughout the year, some divers prefer to visit during the coldest months between September and February, when rare species like hammerheads and threshers may make more frequent appearances.