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Atlantic Islands

Discover spectacular landscapes - above and below the waves - and dive remote banks in search of pelagics including rays and sharks.

Diving Highlights

The Azores are a charming Portuguese archipelago located 1500-kilometres from the European coast. Comprising nine volcanic islands, the Azores are both stark and striking in appearance, boasting verdant volcanic ridges cradling emerald-green lakes, and sapphire-blue bays below. Each island has its own unique charm, and underwater highlights including shore dives, wrecks and bluewater dives at offshore banks.

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Top Atlantic Islands experiences

Explore remote offshore banks Image
July to October

Explore remote offshore banks

Explore the remote Condor and Princess Alice Banks in search of schools of mobula rays and other pelagic species.

Dive and snorkel with sharks Image
July to October

Dive and snorkel with sharks

Snorkel with blue sharks, mako sharks and juvenile hammerheads between and around the islands of Faial and Pico.

Dive seasons in the Atlantic Islands

The main diving and whale watching seasons run from July to October, offering the best chances to spot mobulas, mantas, blue sharks, and whale sharks, plus whales and dolphins. This is also when the archipelago experiences its best and most consistent weather, with temperatures reaching the low 20s - both on land and in the water - and suitable conditions at the more remote offshore sites. Larger baleen whales such as blue, fin and sei whales often pass through a little earlier in the year, around April and May, while humpbacks are generally more common in October.

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