ZuBlu is the world’s leading dive travel agency for scuba diving and ocean experiences, with more than 700 partners in over 100 dive destinations around the world.

Secure online booking, expert travel advisors and flexible booking terms mean you can discover, compare and book scuba diving holidays with ease.

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  • We've carefully selected all our partners - resorts, liveaboards and more - to ensure you have the best possible dive experience.

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  • With decades of experience and knowledge, our expert team provides unrivalled dive travel advice - ensuring your next holiday is right for you.

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  • Our flexible booking terms, best price guarantee and travel support mean you can book your next trip in full confidence.

Why book with ZuBlu?

Founded in 2017 by two experienced underwater photographers – Adam Broadbent and Matthew Oldfield – ZuBlu has become the world’s leading dive travel agent for scuba diving and ocean experiences. Our mission is simple… 

We want to make booking your dream diving experience as simple as possible, while celebrating sustainable businesses and encouraging travellers to contribute towards maintaining the health of our oceans.

Partner resorts and liveaboards

ZuBlu is the world’s fastest growing dive travel agent, with more than 700 partner resorts and liveaboards in over 100 dive destinations across the world.

From our humble beginnings just a few years ago, ZuBlu now partners with over 700 dive resorts, liveaboards, charter yachts, and eco venture projects. Our partners are located in more than 100 destinations around the world - each worthy of a place on your bucket-list - and our diverse portfolio is growing every day! 

From Rangiroa to Raja Ampat, Socorro to Sharm El-Sheik, our collection of destinations, resorts and liveaboards includes everything from affordable guesthouses to ultra-luxurious charter yachts, ensuring each and every diver can find the trip of their dreams.

As passionate scuba divers, we love the thrill of discovery and enjoy nothing more than scoping out new partners and interesting underwater experiences for our guests… and ourselves. In fact, our goal is to explore every reef, island and atoll to bring you the very best dive operators, exciting destinations and memorable moments this planet has to offer.

Discover and compare dive holidays

Discover, compare and book scuba diving holidays with ease.

With so many dive adventures out there, and a worldwide web of confusing information, travel planning of any kind can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. As travellers ourselves, we’re always looking for ways to make organising a holiday even easier, so we’ve built the ZuBlu site around easy, intuitive ways to discover new destinations, browse resorts, liveaboards and eco ventures, and ultimately, book your next dive vacation.

Looking for a particular destination? Dive in from our menu on the home page. Already know where you want to go? Explore our curated collections of resorts and liveaboards, or browse through search results based on price or reviews. And if you need some help deciding, you can connect with one of the Travel Team for a chat. ZuBlu staff are available 24/7, and we’re always happy to help you with any questions you might have about a destination, or one of our partners.

If you’re looking for some offline inspiration, we’ve distilled our many years of experience and knowledge into an extensive selection of informative articles and easy-to-download dive destination guides, available for free from our digital library. Each of these guides dives into the details of a destination or weighs up the best diving opportunities throughout the year.

The ZuBlu Travel Team

With decades of experience and knowledge, our expert team provides unrivalled travel advice - ensuring your next dive holiday is right for you.

The ZuBlu Travel Team love diving and collectively, we’ve logged thousands of dives as professional underwater photographers, scuba instructors, and dive guides – as well as just for fun – gathering experience and knowledge along the way. Although working from different corners of the globe, our team was brought together by a shared passion for diving, and a belief that scuba travel can be sustainable. Led by ZuBlu co-founders, Matt and Adam, we are committed to creating a community of environmentally-conscious divers who share this belief and want to see the oceans thrive.

Every member of the ZuBlu Travel Team has dived extensively, and each is a treasure trove of knowledge - plus a few barely believable anecdotes. With their first-hand experience, our team of dive travel aficionados is able to preempt questions, prevent problems, and draw on our network of contacts for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

And, thanks to our customer care commitment, you can feel confident that we’ll find the dive holiday that’s right for you, not just our bottom line.

Book with confidence

Our flexible booking terms, best price guarantee and travel support mean you can book your next trip in full confidence.

Our goal is to make booking your next dive holiday as straightforward as possible. In fact, we believe the entire process from start to finish should be every bit as satisfying as blowing the perfect bubble-ring.

Once your itinerary is finalised and availability has been confirmed, we’ll send you a comprehensive booking confirmation and payment request, with the inclusions and exclusions for reference. We make sure our pricing is fully transparent, with no hidden extras to surprise you at a later date. Optional extras and obligatory surcharges including taxes, port and fuel fees, are either already included or clearly shown in the booking confirmation, so you can feel confident in what you’re buying.

To be absolutely certain you’re getting the best possible experience for your money, we also offer a best price guarantee. We will match any like-for-like quote received up to 24-hours after making a booking with us. How can we be so confident about providing the best possible price? It’s simple. We don’t charge guests for our services.

And what about financial protection? Your booking is fully protected under UK and EU Package Holiday regulations and any credit card transactions processed through a secure gateway, meaning you can book your next dive trip in full confidence. 

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