Whale sharks

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Whale shark and manta rays seasons in the Maldives

Manta rays and whale sharks are two of the biggest attractions in the Maldives, drawing visitors ...

Oct 31, 2023

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Isla Mujeres – Mexico’s whale shark and sailfish hotspot

Book a trip to this tiny island off Mexico's Caribbean coast for a chance to encounter migrating ...

Jun 28, 2023

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Where to dive with whale sharks in Southeast Asia and the Maldives

Looking for an encounter with the world's biggest fish? Then Southeast Asia and the Maldives are the...

May 25, 2023

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The whale sharks of Borneo

Lying just 20 minutes by boat from Derawan, ‘Whale Shark Point’ is one of Kalimantan’s best ...

May 24, 2023

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#BeGentleToGiants has launched

Maldives Resilient Reefs, Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme and Blue Marine Foundation have ...

Mar 27, 2023

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Where to dive and snorkel with whale sharks

Want to swim alongside these ocean giants, but not sure where the best places are to encounter them?...

Feb 18, 2023

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Whale sharks

For most divers, an encounter with a whale shark is the ultimate underwater experience. These ...

Oct 21, 2022

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Whale sharks are the world’s biggest omnivores

A recent study reported in The Guardian suggests there may be more sustaining the ocean’s biggest ...

Aug 12, 2022

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Where in the world do the whale sharks go? Researching the Rhincodon

Find out more about whale sharks, and how you can participate in research and help to unlock the ...

Dec 28, 2021

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Wildbook for whale Sharks

Did you know that the world's largest and most effective wild shark monitoring programme – The ...

Sep 10, 2021

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Whale sharks follow warming waters to Azores

As originally reported by Live Science, the world's largest fish, whale sharks, might be migrating ...

Jun 09, 2021