Want to explore the best dive sites in Raja Ampat and the Bird’s Head Seascape? Download your free guide to diving in West Papua.

The remote region of West Papua is renowned for the exceptional marine biodiversity, healthy reef ecosystems and close encounters with manta rays, whale sharks and wobbegongs.

And with so many islands and a huge variety of dive sites spread across the Bird's Head Seascape, the region easily ranks as one of the top destinations in the world for discerning divers.

Free guide to diving in Raja Ampat and West Papua

While Raja Ampat and West Papua are guaranteed to deliver some of the most exciting dive experiences on the planet, planning a dive trip and getting to these destinations remains a challenge.

Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work for you, gathering all the information you’ll need to plan your trip into one simple guide. 

The guide includes

  • Breakdown of the best dive destinations, including Raja Ampat, Triton Bay and Cenderawasih Bay
  • Detailed descriptions of each destination’s top dive sites
  • Whale sharks, manta rays and endemic species in the region
  • Conservation in the Bird’s Head Seascape
  • Wrecks of the Bird’s Head Seascape
  • How to get there
  • Seasons and weather

Download our guide to the best diving in Raja Ampat for free, and start planning your trip today!

Free guide to diving Raja Ampat, Triton Bay and Cenderawasih Bay

Discover the best places to dive in Raja Ampat, Triton Bay and Cenderawasih Bay in this free guide to West Papua's diving.

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