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Asia's leading sustainable dive company, Scuba Junkie and their original resort on Mabul are the perfect choice to dive Sipadan, Mabul and Kapalai, get certified, or simply enjoy the perfect holiday dive experience.

  • Accommodation to suit all budgets - from dorms, to deluxe bungalows
  • Founders of the Mabul Turtle Hatchery and Shark Education, Awareness and Save - S.E.A.S.
  • Professional training centre - perfect to learn to dive, perfect to improve your skills
  • At the forefront of marine conservation and sustainable tourism in Malaysia and Indonesia
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About Scuba Junkie Sipadan

Since the company was first founded over 10 years ago, Scuba Junkie has grown to become one of the leading eco dive resort operators in Sabah, Malaysia, and now Indonesia. The company has a gained a reputation for its sustainable business practices and conservation work, high standards of training and safety, and of course providing fantastic diving experiences.

The Scuba Junkie Resort is located on Mabul, set back from the beach so as not to disturb any turtles coming up to nest. The island of Kapalai is roughly 20 minutes away, and Sipadan 45 minutes. To get to and from the resort, guests can use the Scuba Junkie transport boat that takes roughly 45 minutes to get from Semporna.



Cool and luxurious at an affordable price, Scuba Junkie’s rooms each have a private balcony overlooking the beach and an ensuite bathroom. Guests can choose from fan or AC, VIP and family rooms.



For those looking for a budget option, Scuba Junkie's Dorm Room may be the perfect option. All the comfort, all the diving, but at a great price. The Dorm Room sleeps 8 and has fans and 3 separate bathrooms.

Resort facilities

Scuba Junkie Mabul Resort has accommodation to suit all budgets. There are 24 ensuite bungalows with or without AC, as well as VIP rooms, family rooms and dorms. All the bungalows have their own balconies and 24 hour electricity. Scuba Junkie’s open plan restaurant serves tasty meals three times a day, and the fully-licensed Panorama Bar, up above the restaurant, does a mean selection of cocktails, as well as beer, wine, snacks, and ice cream. The resort bar is also a great place to swap stories with your fellow divers, play cards and board games, or just sit back and enjoy the view. Staff of Scuba Junkie Mabul are friendly and welcoming and can normally be found socialising in the restaurant or the bar at the end of the day - if they are not doing a night dive on the house reef of course.

Scuba Junkie also has a dive lodge in Semporna itself. Guests can book an overnight room here if they cannot meet the scheduled transfer to Mabul. The dive lodge also makes a great base to explore the Tun Sukaran Marine Park close to Semporna, or more distant islands such as Mataking.

General Airport transfers 24-hour front desk Wifi
Food & Drink Restaurant Bar Full board Vegetarian options
Outdoors Beach loungers
Activities Snorkeling equipment
Dive centre facilities

Scuba Junkie Sipadan’s state-of-the-art PADI 5-Star IDC dive centre is the perfect starting point for any ocean enthusiast. The dive centre is tailor-made with divers and snorkelers in mind, offering a fully stocked equipment room just a few steps from the jetty where their boats depart. Rental equipment is a collection of Mares River, Scubapro, and own branded Scuba Junkie gear manufactured in Italy. Personal lockers are provided to keep dive gear safe and dry.

Scuba Junkie’s dive centre can cater for up to 80 divers at any one time, whilst still keeping dive groups to a small size of just 4 guests to a guide.The dive boats are modern and fitted with all necessary safety equipment and offer up to 3 boat dives every day - 2 before lunch and 1 after - with the last returning around 4pm. Scuba Junkies Sipadan also offers an amazing house reef, where training dives, night dives, and shore dives are conducted. A range of courses is offered by this resort, ranging from beginner to instructor.

Dive centre Teaching room House reef Night diving
Equipment Equipment rental Equipment storage Camera wash tanks


Conservation at Scuba Junkie Sipadan

As the company says of themselves, “Conservation of our local environment, both above and below the waves, has been at the heart of Scuba Junkie’s ethos right from our inception.” They are one of the few companies in Malaysia, and even SE Asia, who truly focus on both sustainable business practices and delivering fantastic guest experiences.

Right from the design phase, the resort was planned and constructed to minimise any environmental impact. The building are set back from the beach to ensure that any nesting turtles are undisturbed, rain water catchment systems have been put in place, solar panels fitted to all rooms and a state-of-the-art sewage treatment facility installed. Waste is either recycled, reused, repurposed, or collected and sent back to the mainland. All cleaning products used are biodegradable and the resort has water refill stations throughout. In addition the restaurant serves no seafood products. In short, the resort has sustainable practices and conservation for the marine environment at its heart.

Scuba Junkie advocate responsible and safe diving standards - for staff and guests alike. They run regular beach and reef cleanups, annual shark and turtle weeks that raise awareness of conservation issues, and were a driving force behind the Semporna Shark Sanctuary proposal. They also have a coral reef redevelopment programme and have established several artificial reefs.

All of their active programmes encourage the participation of the local people, in particular the Mabul Turtle Hatchery, and S.E.A.S - Shark Education Awareness and Survival.



Scuba Junkie does not allow any single-use plastics at the resort and provides guests with reusable water bottles and a refill station at the bar. All waste is separated and any that cannot be recycled is sent back to Semporna. The resort provides biodegradable soaps for use by guests and has installed a state-of-the-art sewage system that provides fresh water for the gardens.

Solar water heaters are used to heat shower water and the resort uses energy efficient appliances. Guests are encouraged to turn off their AC units in the rooms where they are fitted.

Rain catchers are installed on each bungalow and the other resort buildings. This water is then used for showers, taps and toilets.


The resort employs many people from the local village and area and provides training for the staff, including dive staff. Scuba Junkie has set up and runs several different community projects and strives to involve and educate the local community at every opportunity.


The resort has removed seafood from the restaurant menu and sources locally-produced food whenever possible.


Scuba Junkie has designed its own guidelines for responsible diving and enforces these with its guests and staff alike. They conduct regular beach and reef cleanups around Mabul and other islands. in fact they reached their 1000th clean up back in 2013! They have also created their own marine conservation programmes focused on coral reef monitoring and restoration, turtle conservation, shark conservation and community engagement. Scuba Junkie run Reef Check courses and a unique Eco-Divemaster course.


Scuba Junkies runs regular events all aimed at sharing their passion for the marine environment, encouraging community involvement and increasing awareness. These range from weekly talks and film shows, to annual themed ‘Marine Weeks’ that bring in scientists and others from around SE Asia.

Scuba Junkie have won numerous awards for the conservation programmes and continue to lead the way as a sustainable dive resort.

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