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The Bahamas is an idyllic island nation renowned for casual Caribbean vibes and exceptional adventures, including incredible shark diving and exploring coral islands and cays

Diving Highlights

  • Perfect mix of relaxation and action-packed watersports and adventure
  • Encounter tiger, bull, nurse, lemon and reef sharks, and great hammerheads
  • Swim or snorkel with wild dolphins, and even wild pigs!
  • Kilometres of intricate underwater cave systems waiting to be explored
  • Discover some of the most idyllic islands in the Caribbean
  • Incredible wreck diving with sites suitable for beginners or pros

Although lying closer to the USA than any other Caribbean nation, the Bahamas are very much tied to the culture and identity of the islands to the south. In fact, the beautiful Bahamas are considered part of the Caribbean in almost every way - except location. Stretching over 800kms southeast towards the Dominican Republic, the nation is made up of over 2700 stunning islands and cays - all fringed by spectacular coral and surrounded by deep ocean trenches.

Top Bahamas experiences

Come face-to-face with tiger sharks at Tiger Beach Image
Year round

Come face-to-face with tiger sharks at Tiger Beach

Witness some of the ocean’s most formidable predators buzzing past at this unique, cage-free offshore shark feed - an experience like no other.

Dive alongside migrating hammerheads Image
December to April

Dive alongside migrating hammerheads

Bimini is also one of the only places in the world offering encounters with great hammerheads. These usually shy and reclusive animals have become Bimini’s marquee experience, thanks to the number of sharks and willingness to approach lucky divers.

Experience Bimini’s boisterous Bull Run Image
March to June

Experience Bimini’s boisterous Bull Run

Watch from the safety of a surface-fed cage as bull sharks are lured closer and closer with every strike as they feed on a banquet of fishy-goodness.

Encounter seasonal oceanic whitetip sharks Image
March to June

Encounter seasonal oceanic whitetip sharks

Join only a handful of travellers visiting this remote shark observation area each year for the chance to swim with oceanic whitetip sharks in seemingly bottomless blue water.

Explore Nassau’s Lost Blue Hole Image
Year round

Explore Nassau’s Lost Blue Hole

This collapsed sinkhole boasts sheer limestone walls and incredible underwater formations - including massive stalactites - and stretches well beyond the recreational diving limits.

Search for wild dolphins at White Sand Ridge Image
Year round

Search for wild dolphins at White Sand Ridge

Located off Grand Bahama’s northwest corner, this shallow sand bank offers near-guaranteed encounters with wild Atlantic spotted dolphins, as well as bottlenose dolphins.

Swim with the Bahamas’ famous wild pigs Image
Year round

Swim with the Bahamas’ famous wild pigs

Frolic in the shallow, crystal-clear waves alongside the Bahamas’ world-famous water-loving pigs. These cute little creatures love to interact with people and are sure to steal the show, as well as your heart.

Bahamas dive seasons and weather

The Bahamas enjoy a tropical savannah climate with warm days, clear skies, and less humidity than the southern Caribbean. You can expect sunny afternoons and daytime temperatures between 25 and 32°C no matter when you plan to visit. During the Bahamas' mild winter between November and April, nights can become quite brisk, with temperatures dropping to 18°C and occasionally below, but the days remain warm. Then, from June to October, the rainy season brings warmer temperatures and a few days of precipitation per month.

The Bahamas boast good visibility all year round, with 25 to 30 metres on most days. Water temperatures fluctuate dramatically by month, dipping as low as 22°C in January and reaching nearly 30°C in August.

This region can also be impacted by hurricanes and tropical storms between June and November, with a peak in storm risk during August and September.

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