As you start planning your next scuba diving adventure, you’re probably considering where you want to go and when you can find the time. But how about asking yourself what you’d like to see?

​A diver's guide to what to see, and when​

Of course, you can’t just dive in and expect to see something extraordinary - you need to get yourself in the right place, at the right time.

Fortunately, there are unique destinations around the world that offer more than just chance sightings. In fact, these destinations deliver predictable encounters with some of the rarest, most sought after ocean species on the planet.

And we’ve put them together into one easy-to-read guide! The guide includes where, and when, to go for the best:

  • Shark encounters
  • Muck diving
  • Whale and dolphin sightings
  • Turtle spotting
  • Manta ray experiences
  • Coral reef diving
  • Wreck diving
  • The ocean’s rarest creatures
  • Unmissable unusual events

Download for free our guide to the best dive experiences around the world, and start planning your diving trip today!

A diver's guide to what to see, and when

Discover when and where to travel for the ultimate underwater experiences in this free, 33 page guide to the best underwater experiences.