As you begin planning your next dive adventure, you’re probably considering where you’ve always wanted to go – or maybe where you’d like to revisit – and when you can find the time. But how about asking yourself what you’d like to see? Every ocean-lover needs a bucket-list of aspirational marine experiences, and in many ways, the timing couldn’t be better to start crossing a few of them off.

But, no matter how hard we wish it, you can’t always take the plunge and see something extraordinary. That said, there’s a handful of special places around the world offering a little more than chance sightings. In fact, some of these destinations deliver predictable encounters with a few of the rarest, most sought after ocean species on the planet. 

Some of these astonishing marine experiences you may have heard of, but we bet there’s a few you haven’t. So read on to discover your next ‘must-sees’ and where and when you can find them.

What To See And When Guide

A complete guide to the best scuba diving experiences