Luxurious scuba diving adventures are all the rage these days, with more resorts than ever before offering over the top details from fine dining and spa services, to private butlers and tailor-made expeditions. And, these high end extras aren’t just for lavish resorts. Liveaboards are joining the charge, with incredible services worthy of a five-star resort, rather than a dive vessel. 

And contrary to common belief, you don’t have to sacrifice your environmental ethics in favour of creature comforts. In fact, many liveaboards provide the best of both worlds - with lush accommodations and facilities perfectly paired with eco-conscious services and sustainable offerings that you can enjoy without a trace of guilt. 

Sound like your kind of dive holiday? Ours, too! Keep reading for a rundown of ZuBlu’s favourite luxurious eco liveaboard adventures - guaranteed to help you relax and unwind in the lap of luxury, while doing your part to protect the underwater world.

Tiburon Explorer - Galapagos

Best for: Stylish and sustainable voyages
Tiburon Explorer Galapagos Liveaboard 19

Part of the world’s first Green Fins approved liveaboard fleet, Explorer Ventures, Tiburon Explorer perfectly pairs action and adventure with style and comfort - all with a low environmental impact. This vessel was newly constructed in 2020, delivering all the facilities you’d expect from a modern motor yacht, plus sleek design that oozes luxury and sophistication. And, with a maximum of 16 guests on board, you’ll enjoy an intimate small-group experience packed with personalised customer service both above and below the waves. 

If you enjoy a few creature comforts once the dive day ends, look no further. The Tiburon Explorer’s light-filled cabins, complimentary alcohol, and on-deck Jacuzzi are guaranteed to help you unwind. You’ll also enjoy brand new facilities of all kinds, as well as a generous dive deck, modern camera station, and easy access to the sea via two custom zodiacs. Plus, daily environmental briefings aimed at educating guests on the complex ecosystems that the Galapagos Islands are famous for! And, with a portion of Explorer Ventures’ proceeds going to scientific research, you know that you’ll be doing your part to preserve the region for future generations of divers.

Jakaré - Indonesia

Best for: Unsurpassed personalised customer service
Jakare Liveaboard Indonesia 17

This stunning traditional sailing phinisi boasts a unique ambiance and sustainable operations, including a low-consumption electric system, modern fuel efficient engines, and natural ventilation. Plus, a zero-plastic policy that eliminates single-use items onboard, and free reef safe toiletries for each guest. Jakaré’s seasonal itineraries cruise Indonesia’s most stunning dive destinations, from Komodo to Raja Ampat and everywhere in between, allowing visitors to experience the region’s stunning wildlife and ecosystems completely guilt-free.

When it comes to luxury, this vessel doesn’t skip a single detail. You’ll feel perfectly at home with spacious teak cabins and bespoke interiors loaded with local art and design elements. And, you can expect outstanding customer service with a nearly 1:1 crew to guest ratio. Jakaré also provides some of the region’s best facilities for dedicated divers and underwater photographers, plus free watersports equipment of all kinds, and expert local guides to help you make the most of your diving and snorkelling adventures.  

Black Pearl - Palau

Best for: Adventures in touch with nature
Black Pearl Search01

This innovative luxury liveaboard boasts state of the art facilities, sublime customer service, and industry-leading onboard entertainment - with plenty to see and do for divers and non-divers alike. In addition to world-class diving, Black Pearl includes breathtaking shore excursions in each itinerary, with visits to Palau’s legendary Jellyfish Lake and other local landmarks. Throughout your voyage, you’ll notice environmentally conscious details all around, with metal drinking straws, reef safe toiletries, and biodegradable trash bags, as well as an onboard water treatment centre to reduce ocean contamination.  

Black Pearl offers unparalleled access to some of Palau’s most legendary diving areas, with day after day of easy diving conducted from comfortable skiffs, and expert guiding from some of the region’s most highly-skilled local guides. Back on board, you can slip into deep relaxation with indulgent spa services, a fully equipped steam room, and an on-deck Jacuzzi. Nature lovers can take their adventure even further with state of the art camera facilities, free watersports equipment, and other cool features like a high-powered telescope, perfect for gazing into Palau’s stunning night skies. 

Coralia - Indonesia

Best for: Extended itineraries
Coralia Liveaboard Indonesia Thumb

This traditional sailing phinisi was built with sustainability in mind, constructed with natural materials by the Konju boat builders in Bira, Sulawesi. Coralia cruises the remote waters of the Indonesian Archipelago, with destinations spanning from Raja Ampat to Komodo - and nearly every diving destination between the two. Each teak cabin comes perfectly equipped with all that you’ll need to enjoy up to two incredible weeks at sea, with designer inspired furnishings and electronics workstations. And, Coralia’s highly trained staff will be standing at the ready, happy to help with whatever you might need and then fading into the backdrop and allowing you plenty of room to enjoy the adventure.

This vessel’s sustainable service includes complimentary reef safe toiletries, a ban on single use plastics, as well as environmentally focused briefings and collaboration with the Raja Ampat SEA Centre - a local nonprofit aimed at research, restoration, and conservation. You’ll have the opportunity to dive up to four times a day, with small group sizes divided by skill and comfort level. Plus, anytime access to a modern air-conditioned camera room, watersports equipment, a full-service spa, and multiple sun and shade decks. 

Emperor Explorer - Maldives

Best for: Groups with non-divers
Emperor Explorer Maldives 3

This Green Fins approved liveaboard is one of the newest additions to the prestigious Explorer Ventures fleet. Visitors will delight in elegant lounges and leisure decks, opulent cabins, a serene spa, and a stylish restaurant and top shelf bar - perfect for five-star relaxation between dives. And, all guests start their adventure with an onboard credit toward the soothing extras of their choice, just to kick off their dream diving holiday. Other complimentary onboard perks include wine with dinner, snorkelling equipment, and unexpected experiences like tropical beach barbecues. 

Free nitrox, experienced local guides, amazing shore excursions, special cultural experiences, and world-class snorkelling complete every unforgettable cruise aboard this vessel - making it a top choice for divers and non-divers alike. And, all that excitement comes with a low impact on the incredible channels and reefs that make Maldivian diving so incredible. Emperor Explorer prides itself on incredible service, with a highly-skilled team happy to offer as much or as little hands-on guiding assistance as each guest prefers, plus plenty of personalised attention back on deck. 

Blue Horizon - Egypt

Best for: Dedicated divers and underwater photographers
Blue Horizon Red Sea

The flagship vessel of the prestigious Blue O Two fleet, this liveaboard’s dedication to conservation shines through in all of its itineraries. Earth friendly details include a plastic-free policy, detailed environmental briefings, and citizen science expeditions in partnership with local environmental organisations like Shark Project and Manta Trust. These eco-conscious offerings pair perfectly with Blue Horizon’s little luxuries, including a chic, modern lounge and on-deck Jacuzzi, generous deluxe cabins, and surprisingly spacious surroundings  - plus personal service both above and below the waterline.

Blue Horizon was awarded 2015's Liveaboard of The Year by DIVER magazine, thanks to its top-notch facilities for dedicated divers and underwater photographers. You’ll enjoy day after day of easy diving with a spacious dive deck, personal gear storage, and two custom tenders. Other outstanding amenities include nitrox, professional-quality rental equipment, a modern camera station, as well as tech and rebreather support with prior arrangement. This vessel also offers a wide variety of itineraries, with voyages through all of the Egyptian Red Sea’s most dynamic diving areas, and special trips focused on reefs, sharks, and shipwrecks. 

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