Black Pearl is an innovative luxury liveaboard equipped with state of the art facilities and designed to an exacting standard. Offering outstanding personalised service, industry-leading onboard entertainment, and world-class diving, the Black Pearl provides guests with truly unique experiences both above and below the water.

  • Experience unparalleled onboard entertainment facilities
  • Unwind in the sumptuous 12-person Jacuzzi or spa room
  • Gaze out at the night sky with a one-of-a-kind, high-performance telescope
  • State-of-the-art diving facilities including exceptional photography resources
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About Black Pearl

Operated by 7 Liveaboard, Black Pearl is an innovative steel-hulled vessel offering unique and high-quality scuba diving experiences in Palau. Redefining onboard entertainment, the Black Pearl provides outstanding service at all times, ensuring guests feel safe and comfortable, and create memories packed with fun and laughter. 7 Liveaboard aim to set themselves apart from the rest by providing affordable luxury with personalised service and great attention to detail. 

The beautifully designed vessel features a cosy ambience and is equipped with plenty of relaxation areas for a degree of privacy. Combined with an experienced and attentive crew and industry-leading facilities, this vessel offers a wonderful blend of luxury and serenity - providing unique opportunities to experience other cultures and take home more than just underwater memories.

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The Republic of Palau is an oceanic nation of over 300 islands that mark the western end of the Caroline Islands of Micronesia. Perched on the edge of an oceanic trench that plunges to over 5 kilometres in-depth, the islands of Palau are home to some of the most diverse ecosystems in the Pacific, as well as some of the most exciting diving in the world. The renowned Rock Islands attract thousands of tourists every year, all drawn by the desire to explore the spectacular lagoons and dramatic karst landscape that has made Palau so famous.

Palau is located at a marine crossroad where the deep waters of the Pacific meet the nutrient-rich Philippine Sea, creating the perfect conditions to support incredibly diverse marine life. The limestone islands and reefs have been steadily eroded over millions of years creating dramatic walls, caverns, drop-offs and hidden lakes that provide an exciting range of diving. World War II also left its mark on Palau, allowing divers to explore over 15 wreck sites including Amatsu Maru, Helmet Wreck, Iro Maru, Choyu Maru, and the famous Jake Seaplane. No trip to Palau would be complete without a visit to Jellyfish Lake and the surreal experience of drifting through vast clouds of stingless jellyfish.



The Black Pearl is a 47-meter steel-hulled vessel built to an uncompromising standard using the finest materials. It accommodates up to 28 guests in two sea view cabins, four main deck cabins and eight lower deck cabins. Delicious meals are served buffet-style in the spacious dining room, while the outdoor bar, and indoor bar/cafe, offer a selection of beverages including high-quality barista coffee and alcoholic drinks. To the rear of the main deck, guests will find an outdoor lounge area, a large Jacuzzi, and an enclosed spa room offering a full range of spa services. The second deck boasts a comfortable entertainment saloon, cosy sofa seating, and gym equipment, while the sun deck is designed to create a beach vacation ambience with comfortable furniture and 360-degree views. Black Pearl is equipped with an array of onboard entertainment including a giant inflatable slide, electronic dartboard, star-gazing telescope, and satellite TV, as well as a PS4 and Xbox. 

A customised dive station, located at the back of the vessel, provides each guest with personal storage space, as well as ample showers, a well-ventilated wetsuit storage area, and a designated camera soaking station. There is also a digital area for camera maintenance onboard, equipped with low-pressure air dryer, work table, room temperature storage spaces, and plenty of charging points. A full range of rental equipment is available onboard, including dive computers. Diving is done from two purpose-built diving skiffs designed to carry 14 guests and equipped with GPS, VHF radios, first aid kits and emergency oxygen. The Black Pearl also boasts a portable emergency decompression sickness chamber.



An example itinerary for the Black Pearl’s 7-night Palau cruise visits many of the area’s famous sites such as Blue Corner, Blue Holes, Chandelier Cave, German Channel, The Ngemelis Wall, Ulong Channel, Helmet Wreck, Siaes Corner, Peleliu Wall, and Peleliu Express. Two interesting excursions are included within the tour such as a visit to the Rock Islands and the famous Jellyfish Lake - only recently re-opened to the public. The Black Pearl also offers cruises to coincide with the renowned full moon spawning events.



Black Pearl supports marine biology conservation efforts and adheres to eco-friendly operational guidelines, including providing complementary ocean-friendly toiletries and using metal straws, biodegradable trash bags, and ocean-friendly laundry detergent. The vessel is fitted with a highly efficient septic waste treatment system, preventing unnecessary impact to the marine environment. Guests are also provided with valuable information on the prevention of unnecessary emissions.

The Black Pearl’s operator, 7 Liveaboard, provides assistance for both local and international Marine Biologists’ research projects, helping to provide avenues of awareness surrounding the importance of taking care of the ocean. 7 Liveaboard have also invested in drill equipment to set up mooring points in Palau waters. These mooring points will be vetted by the local authorities to ensure they follow protocol and regulation.

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