King Snefro Fleet has recently made history by becoming the first Green Fins certified liveaboard fleet in the Red Sea.

After several weeks of training courses and full day inspections, Green Fins officially welcomed the King Snefro Fleet into its sustainable circle on the 8th June 2022, coinciding with World Oceans Day.

An announcement by the Chamber of Diving and Water Sports offered “a big congratulations to the King Snefro Fleet for becoming the first safari liveaboard fleet to join the Green Fins Egypt network”, and highlighted that the fleet has now joined the ranks of “the few Green Fins liveaboard fleets to be certified in the entire world”.

Those familiar with this fleet will be aware of its commitment to advocating for and role modelling much-needed environmental protection and, consequently, this is not the first time the King Snefro Fleet has made history. In December 2015, the Snefro Spirit vessel became the first liveaboard in the world to carry out a three-day clean-up safari in cooperation with Sea Shepherd. Far from a publicity stunt, the fleet’s vessels continue to hold regular clean-up dives whenever possible, collecting more than a tonne of debris to date.

In line with King Snefro’s sustainable ethos, single use plastics such as cups and straws were banned onboard their vessels long ago and the fleet refused to take a step back in the aftermath of COVID-19. The fleet refused to implement unsustainable practices in order to restart operations in the wake of the pandemic, rejecting single-use cutlery and plates and establishing the use of plastic boxes to cover rental regulator mouthpieces in preference to plastic bags.

As with all of their sustainable practices, the King Snefro Fleet hopes to set a standard within the industry and encourage others to rise to it alongside them, stating “we alone cannot solve the environmental challenges but will do all possible efforts to minimize these changes. Please support us moving forward to protect our reefs & corals, we will keep on educating divers and crew how to enjoy the underwater world without leaving footprints. We appreciate your support and ideas, please share with us”.

Green Fins is a UN Environment initiative that is coordinated by The Reef-World Foundation and focuses on driving environmentally friendly diving and snorkelling practices across the dive travel industry. Green Fins is a proven conservation approach to reduce the threats and pressures to coral reefs created by the diving and snorkelling industry by providing training and tools to the businesses, governments and tourists who are in a position to act.

Both ZuBlu and Reef-World believe ‘the dive starts at home’ and decisions made even while planning a dive holiday can make a significant difference to the marine environment. By promoting those dive businesses that have adopted the Green Fins standards and helping guests to embrace environmental best practice in the water, ZuBlu is ensuring its guests can do even more to protect the dive sites they love.

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