Infiniti is a recently renovated steel-hulled liveaboard offering comfortable trips around Tubbataha, Malapascua, and Coron, in the Philippines. The internationally acclaimed vessel boasts multiple well-appointed relaxation areas, a custom-designed diving deck and a brand new camera room with exceptional facilities.


Travel in comfort on the only RINA certified liveaboard in the Philippines

Newly-built camera room with media centre and workstations

Relax on the huge sundeck equipped with cushioned loungers and hammocks

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About Infiniti

Infiniti is an internationally acclaimed liveaboard which was custom designed and built specifically for divers. After its construction in 2013, in Thailand, Infiniti operated within the Andaman Islands, and was listed among the top 25 luxury experiences of India. The newly renovated vessel has since moved to the Philippines to explore the many islands, vibrant coral reefs and rich marine life. Infiniti is the only liveaboard in the Philippines which is classed & certified by RINA for unrestricted navigation in the open sea – ensuring maximum safety and comfort.

The vessel boasts an expert team and 4 spacious decks which feature comfortable cabins and multiple relaxation areas, including a beautiful indoor lounge and huge sundeck equipped with hammocks. Designed for ease of use, the dive deck offers personal dive stations, freshwater rinse tanks and free nitrox. A brand new camera room also caters to underwater photographers with ample workspace, charging stations, and media centre. 

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Malapascua Island is located in the heart of the Visayan Sea, just a 45-minute boat ride off the northern tip of Cebu. Tourists were first drawn to the island for its beautiful white sand beaches, but from the early 1990s divers began exploring Malapascua’s sites and the industry on the island has grown ever since - particularly following the discovery of the thresher sharks at Monad Shoal. This destination can provide one of the best all-round diving experiences in the world, with daily sightings of thresher sharks and other large pelagics, Gato Island and its amazing structures and swim-throughs, nearby wrecks including the Dona Marilyn, as well as the fantastic muck-diving around Malapascua Island itself.

Malapascua island is surrounded by fairly shallow water with coral patches and ledges, making ideal homes for critters – sightings of frogfish, ghostpipefish, pygmy seahorse, mantis shrimp and more are a daily occurrence. Monad Shoal, in particular, has become famous for its resident thresher sharks and seasonal schools of hammerheads. Gato Island offers an amazing underwater rock structure with incredible swim-throughs and dramatic silhouettes of whitetip sharks swimming in and out with rays of light penetrating the cave system.


Located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, Tubbataha is a 130,028-hectare Marine Protected Area – the first of its kind in the Philippines. It comprises two large coral atolls, known as North Atoll and South Atoll, as well as a smaller coral structure named Jessie Beazley Reef situated around 20km north of the main atolls. Tubbataha sits above a string of extinct volcanoes called the Cagayan Ridge and is believed to have formed as fringing reefs which grew around these volcanic islands during the last ice age. Although the islands have since subsided, the reefs remain, making them the Philippines’ only true atoll structures. Today the park encompasses huge slopes and vertical walls dropping to over 100 meters in depth, alongside vibrant reef flats and shallow lagoons.

The natural isolation and protected status of Tubbataha has provided a buffer from the impacts of tourism and allowed marine life to flourish boasting over 360 species of coral, as well as blacktip and whitetip reef sharks, grey nurse sharks, turtles, nudibranchs and stingrays, snapper and barracuda. Possible encounters with eagle rays, manta rays, hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, whale sharks, leaf scorpionfish and pygmy seahorses are just a few of the additional delights on offer.


At the northern tip of Palawan lie the islands of Coron and Busuanga in the Calamian Archipelago. Home to spectacular karst landscapes, hidden lakes and glorious beaches - as well as some of the most exciting diving in the Philippines - these islands offer divers the chance-of-a-lifetime to explore the Philippines’ dramatic history. Coron is protected as part of the Palawan UNESCO Biosphere Reserve but is also the ancestral territory of the indigenous Tagbanwa people, who have made their home in the area for thousands of years.

Many people visit Coron for its dramatic topside scenery of towering karst cliffs, secret beaches and hidden lagoons, all offering plenty of exploration and adventure. However, beneath the surface of the sea lies some of the Philippines’ most exciting - and haunting - diving, with the atmospheric wrecks of Japanese gunboats, supply ships, aircraft carriers and more, which are perfect for all divers, from beginners to advanced technical divers. As well as the famous wrecks, Coron is also the site of one of the world’s most unusual dives - the famous Barracuda Lake where divers can explore a collapsed limestone sinkhole warmed by volcanic, hot-water springs. The isolated lake can only be reached by walking across a rocky ridge with full dive gear, however the results are well worth the effort.



Infiniti is a 39-meter steel vessel built specifically for diving and is the only RINA classed vessel in the Philippines, boasting extra comfort and safety. The vessels features 2 Deluxe Cabins on the upper deck which boast large picturesque views, 4 spacious Deluxe Cabin on the main deck, and 5 Standard Cabins on the lower deck with either twin or bunk beds. Each newly renovated cabin is appointed with an ensuite bathroom, flat-screen TV, storage, safety deposit box, reading lights, hair dryer, and multiple plug outlets. The spacious dining room and lounge offers comfortable seating, a large TV and is well stocked with books, magazines and board games, making it a popular relaxation area. Infiniti’s world-class chef serves delicious and nutritious meals buffet-style, with occasional night-time barbeques on the sundeck. Tea, coffee, water and soft drinks are served all day with alcoholic beverages available from a self-serve refrigerator. Infiniti’s huge sundeck features cushioned loungers and hammocks, providing the perfect spot for sunbathing, yoga, dolphin-watching or star-gazing.

Infiniti boasts a large shaded dive deck, which is specifically designed for easy diving, and two 5-meter tenders. The dive deck boasts personal dive stations for each guest as well as freshwater rinsing tanks. Top of the line scuba equipment can be rented onboard and free Nitrox is also available. Guests can do up to 4 dives per day, including night dives, and snorkelling is available for non-divers. Infinity also features a brand new camera room which is equipped with charging stations, work spaces, shelves, drawers, computer and media centre, plasma screens and camera rinse tanks. This vessel is equipped with world-class safety features such as emergency management systems, fire-fighting appliances including a CO-2 room, and state of the art navigation and communication electronics.



Departing from Cebu, Infiniti’s 6-night trip travels to Moalboal to dive with the shimmering shoals of sardines, sea snakes and sweetlips, before heading to the coral covered walls of Pescador. Guests can then experience sites teaming with reef fish, black tip reef sharks, and silver tuna around Sumilon Island, as well as the turtles, barracudas, and white tip reef sharks of Apo Island. Infiniti will then visit Balicasag’s marine sanctuary to dive or snorkel the beautiful corals before heading to Cabilao Island with its dog tooth tuna, giant trevallies and incredible macro life. The vessel then returns to Cebu.


Infiniti’s 6-night Malapascua and Layte trips departs from Cebu, taking in sites such as White Tip Alley, the Cave, and Nudibranch City at Gato Island, before heading to Malapascua to visit Monad Shoal, Kemod Shoal, and more. The vessel then travels through the Leyte region visiting the beautiful coral gardens of Limasawa, Sogod Bay and Panaon Island. Experienced divers can also explore the Lighthouse Wreck and Dona Marilyn wreck. Infiniti then returns to Cebu.


This 6-night trip starts in Coron, exploring the many World War II wrecks, and then heads to Batangas, Verde Island, and Puerto Galera. Guests will then visit Apo Reef, the second largest reef in the world, and home to white tip and black tip reef sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, and turtles. Infiniti then returns to Coron.


Departing from Puerto Princesa, Infiniti’s 6-night Tubbataha journey visits the North Atoll first, taking in sites such as Malayan Wreck, Wall Street, Amos Rock, Shark Airport, and Washing Machine. The boat will then explore sites like South West Wall, Staghorn Point, Delsan Wreck, Black Wreck and T-Wreck on the South Atoll. On the return journey to Puerto Princesa, guests will get an opportunity to dive the famous Jessie Beazley Reef. On the final trip of the Tubbataha dive season, Infiniti offers an 11-night transition trip exploring the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park before sailing to the Visayas Archipelago, visiting Bohol and disembarking in Cebu.

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