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French Polynesia

Discover the mythical islands of French Polynesia, home to enchanting tropical landscapes and world-renowned watersports, including outstanding shark dives.

Diving Highlights

  • Spectacular seclusion and spellbinding tropical scenery
  • Encounter more than a dozen shark species in a single trip
  • Swim with dolphins and whales in a cetacean sanctuary
  • Choose between exquisite luxury and welcoming authenticity

Once revered as a mythical utopia for tired explorers, French Polynesia has yet to lose its allure as an idyllic tropical escape. Set in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, roughly halfway between Australia and South America, this remote archipelago is still idolised as one of the world’s ultimate tropical island destinations. To this day, the country’s divine beauty, enchanting culture, and warm-hearted locals continue to leave a lasting impression on anybody who makes the journey. And, with a variety of unique islands and atolls, French Polynesia delivers dream getaways to every traveller - from elegant luxury resorts perfect for happy honeymooners to humble guesthouses with barely another soul in sight.

Destinations in French Polynesia

  • Society Islands
  • Tuamotu Islands

Top French Polynesia experiences

Dive with tiger sharks at White Valley Image
Year round

Dive with tiger sharks at White Valley

Tahiti’s Vallée Blanche - or White Valley - dive site is known for its impressive shark activity, with multiple species on a single dive, including blacktip and grey reef sharks, lemon sharks, and tiger sharks!

Swim with singing humpback whales Image
August to October

Swim with singing humpback whales

Moorea’s calm waters attract humpback whales close to the outer reefs to search for a mate or nurse their young, allowing lucky travellers to slip into the water alongside them for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Encounter great hammerheads in Tiputa Pass Image
January to March

Encounter great hammerheads in Tiputa Pass

Come head-to-head great hammerheads - the largest hammerhead species. The sharks congregate in Rangiroa’s Tiputa Pass to feed on eagle rays - a spectacle you’ll never forget.

French Polynesia dive seasons

French Polynesia offers a warm tropical climate ideal for year round diving. That said, there are two distinct seasons visitors should be aware of before booking a trip. The dry season runs from May to October and sees average air and water temperatures between 25-27°C. Between June and August, the southeasterly wind known as maramu, can make the seas rough in some areas.

During the rainy season, which lasts from November to April, temperatures rise to 28-30°C on land and in the water. Clouds tend to gather around the peaks of more mountainous islands but low-lying atolls receive much less rain. The occasional cyclone can also pass through the archipelago at this time, though serious incidences are relatively rare.

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