After many months of sweat, work and coffee, we are extremely excited to announce the launch of ZuBlu, Asia’s first sustainable scuba diving travel platform.

From the very start, our goal was to create a platform that would help divers, snorkelers and travellers discover extraordinary destinations, exceptional experiences and inspirational resorts, and allow them to make more informed choices about when and where they should travel. By building a powerful search tool into the heart of our site, we put the power of discovery into our guest’s hands - allowing them to explore the underwater world from a unique perspective, be inspired by incredible stories and find that one, perfect destination…

Why ZuBlu?

Why us indeed? Why not one of the many other dive travel companies out there? Because we have made it our job to find incredible destinations and resorts that offer that little bit extra - ones with stunning diving and amazing services of course, but also a unique location perhaps, some amazing jungle trekking nearby or a great yoga teacher on site.

Why? Because these are the places we want to experience ourselves. We see it as our responsibility to track down and share these once-in-a-lifetime experiences with you, our guests.

We like to break our business down using four, simple statements - ones that define what we do, and how we do it:

  • Every booking saves a turtle - Well, no, we can’t guarantee that. But we do promise that for every booking made, ZuBlu will make a donation that will directly support conservation efforts in our destinations.
  • First hand experience of every place we recommend - The ZuBlu staff and family of advocates and partners have years of experience and thousands of dives between them. Together, we can personally vouch for all of the destinations and resorts we recommend.
  • Bookings tailored to match your preferences - We bring together our in-depth knowledge, dive travel experience and wide network of contacts, and create inspirational collections of destinations, resorts and packages, tailored to match your preferences.
  • Loyalty rewards with a difference - At ZuBlu, we won’t give you 10% off this, 15% off that, if you book with us again. We prefer to do things differently. Book a second trip? We will sponsor a turtle nest in Borneo for you. Book a third? You can name a manta from the Maldives.

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Our Commitment to Conservation

As divers ourselves, we believe responsible and sustainable practices should be right at the heart of what we do as a travel agent and the travel industry as a whole. Our goal is to become the world’s first dive travel agency committed to bringing sustainable businesses and local conservation to the fore.

  • We will showcase the resorts that are helping to protect the reefs and jungles that we love;
  • The organisations that are rehabilitating injured turtles, or encouraging villages to stop using plastics;
  • And we ourselves will directly support projects that are making a difference in the areas where we want to dive.

To manage our commitment to conservation in an appropriate way, ZuBlu will set up an independent trust, registered with the Charities Commission in the UK and run by an board of trustees. We will donate a percentage of all our earnings to the ZuBlu Trust and the funds will then be used to support local projects and provide educational bursaries for the next generation of conservationists.

In short, we hope to set a new standard and transform the dive travel industry. 

Both Adam and I hope you will enjoy diving in to the ZuBlu platform and exploring the destinations and experiences we feature on our pages. We also hope that the information we share will give you pause for thought, and consider how you travel in the future - what steps you can take to reduce your environmental impact and how you can support conservation initiatives in the destinations you travel to.

Travel should be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. And at ZuBlu, we want to help you, our guests, become part of a more sustainable dive travel industry.