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Egypt’s Red Sea boasts vibrant and diverse scuba diving, with fascinating underwater formations, stunning coral gardens, sharks, and shipwrecks – and that’s just below the water. 

Topside, you’ll discover a striking landscape of cliffs and sand dunes, sunsets like you’ve never seen, and sneak a peek into some of the world’s most impressive ancient civilisations. Best of all, the diving here is surprisingly accessible, with plenty of excellent options for liveaboard diving and day trips. 

The Red Sea’s diving can be divided into three broad regions, each with unique ecosystems and plenty of opportunities for adventure. And, while many visitors might never venture beyond the gates of their resort, the country is surprisingly simple to navigate! Visit all the best sites in Red Sea by downloading our free Red Sea dive destination guide!

Red Sea Dive Destination Guide

 Explore the top wrecks, where to dive, the best seasons and pro tips in this 50 page complete guide to the Red Sea.