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The small Central American nation of Honduras punches well above its weight when it comes to dive adventures, offering some of the best - and most affordable - scuba diving experiences in the world.

Diving Highlights

  • Enjoy the thrilling possibility of year-round whale shark encounters
  • Direct access to the world’s second largest barrier reef
  • Relaxed local atmosphere, fewer crowds, and exceptional value for money
  • Home to some of the only reefs in the world that are getting healthier every year

Despite being the second-largest nation in Central America, Honduras is often overlooked by travellers in the region. But, rising from its turbulent past, this captivating country is fast realising its potential as an ecotourism destination, and provides a great alternative to other more popular Mesoamerican options. And, while it may be small, Honduras is still packed with plenty to do, from roaming ancient ruins and Garifuna villages to sampling delicious traditional cuisine, swinging your hips to Latino rhythms, and sipping the national beer - affectionately named Salva Vida, or ‘Life Saver’.

Destinations in Honduras

  • Bay Islands

Top Honduras experiences

Discover the whale shark capital of the Caribbean Image
Year round

Discover the whale shark capital of the Caribbean

Visit Utila - the whale shark capital of the Caribbean - for a chance to spot the ocean’s biggest fish year round.

Learn to dive for less Image
Year round

Learn to dive for less

Widely accepted as one of the cheapest places in the world to learn to dive, Utila is a haven for budget-savvy backpackers looking to get certified.

Come face-to-face with Caribbean reef sharks Image
Year round

Come face-to-face with Caribbean reef sharks

Roatan’s “Cara a Cara” dive site - meaning ‘face to face’ - allows divers to get up-close and personal with plenty of Caribbean reef sharks.

Explore Roatan’s shipwrecks, purposefully sunk for divers Image
Year round

Explore Roatan’s shipwrecks, purposefully sunk for divers

Discover thriving artificial reefs on four fantastic wreck dives around Roatan, ranging from the 23m Mr. Bud wreck to the 91m Odyssey.

Peer into the depths on the aptly named dive site, Vertigo Image
Year round

Peer into the depths on the aptly named dive site, Vertigo

Perched on the barrier reef wall, this beautiful site drops away to a sandy shelf at 51-metres, before plummeting once more into the abyss.

Dive Honduras’ most photogenic wreck Image
Year round

Dive Honduras’ most photogenic wreck

The 73m Jado Trader sits intact at 30m and is one of the healthiest artificial reefs in the region, with penetration routes into the cargo hold and bridge.

The Bay Islands dive seasons and weather

Honduras is a tropical country, with hot coasts and cool highlands, and little change in temperature throughout the year. On the mainland, the dry season runs from November to April, followed by the wet season in around May and to October. The northern coast has a more equatorial climate than much of the country, with on-and-off rain throughout the year.

However, the weather and diving conditions in the Bay Islands of Honduras are a little different. The rainy season typically runs from late September to January, delivering a mix of sunny spells and tropical downpours. Water temperatures reach lows around 24°C during this period while air temperatures sit at around 27°C. The rest of the year is considered dry, with fair weather and good diving conditions. February through April are often touted as the best time to visit thanks to near guaranteed whale shark encounters. May through September can get quite hot, often reaching 30°C on land and the high 20s underwater.

Sitting below the ‘hurricane belt’, direct hurricane hits are rare in Honduras. And, while the Caribbean’s official hurricane season runs from June through November, in Honduras, the hurricane-watch season can be considered much shorter, running from around September and into November.

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