Green Fins works to reduce the threats from snorkelling activities as well as diving. 

To help tourists and snorkelling businesses reduce any threat to the marine environment, Green Fins have put together some tips focused on snorkelling activities - essential reading for non-divers that would like to explore the underwater world.

1. Wear a life jacket while snorkelling

This is a suggested way for first time snorkellers and swimmers who are not confident in the water to remain above the corals without accidentally standing on or kicking the shallow corals. This can help prevent a lot of accidental damage from people who are new to the marine environment.

2. No spear fishing

This method of fishing removes the largest and slowest species which can dramatically change the balance of the ecosystem and upset the food chain. It is also likely to injure a species if it is not speared correctly leading to a slow death and can be dangerous to divers, snorkelers and swimmers.

3. No feeding fish

This has become a large-scale problem the world over. Feeding fish or any other species can lead to them becoming reliant upon that food source. It makes fish more aggressive towards divers and can lead to species interacting with others that they are not normally used to. It can also lead to corals getting smothered in algae as fish no longer eat the algae but eat the food instead. It also increases the amount of nutrients in the water.