Want to learn more about the underwater world from the people who know it best? Well, with WiseOceans’ online course, you can learn from an experienced marine biologist in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you want to supplement your child’s online curriculum, fulfil a New Year's resolution to learn something new, or simply need to break the boredom of yet another lockdown - WiseOceans have got what you need. 

"WiseOceans is a specialist marine education and conservation company striving to engage, educate and inspire people everywhere to love the oceans and the life within them.”

The team aims to connect people with the planet’s magnificent and magical marine life, with the aim of encouraging and empowering ocean-positive behaviour.

With WiseOceans’ Dive into the Classroom programme, you can experience high-quality interactive lesson-plans through both public and private classes. All you need is a device and an internet connection, and you can tap into these fun and educational lessons anywhere in the world. 

Topics include everyone’s favourite marine life including sharks, marine mammals and sea turtles, as well as insights into oceanic zones, masters of camouflage, and the fight to save our seas - plus much, much more.

To join a 30-minute public session in the virtual classroom, simply choose your topic and check the next available lesson. Or, for a more personal experience that can be tailored towards any age group, book a private lesson at a time that suits you.