Solitude One is a large, refurbished liveaboard with exceptionally high standards of service, offering luxurious trips exploring the best of Palau and the Philippines. This liveaboard boasts sumptuous relaxation opportunities, as well as fantastic dive facilities including rebreather and sidemount support - creating the perfect trip for every guest.

  • Dive in total comfort on this completely redesigned vessel, purposely-built for divers
  • Sidemount, rebreather, and underwater photography friendly
  • Reconfigurable dive deck can be rearranged to suit expedition needs
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About Solitude One

Solitude’s flagship, Solitude One, was completely redesigned from a 52-metre steel-hulled merchant vessel, setting new standards in hospitality and professionalism. With divers in mind, the vessel was purpose-built to create functional spaces for rest and play, supported by well-trained staff that can anticipate individual needs and appear only when required.

Solitude One offers liveaboard diving and non-diving charters in the Philippines, Palau, and even as far as the remote pacific atolls. With first-class facilities, amazing itineraries, and decks that can be easily modified to accommodate major expeditions, Solitude One caters to all divers and their needs.

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Located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, Tubbataha is a 130,028-hectare Marine Protected Area – the first of its kind in the Philippines. It comprises two large coral atolls, known as North Atoll and South Atoll, as well as a smaller coral structure named Jessie Beazley Reef situated around 20km north of the main atolls. Tubbataha sits above a string of extinct volcanoes called the Cagayan Ridge and is believed to have formed as fringing reefs which grew around these volcanic islands during the last ice age. Although the islands have since subsided, the reefs remain, making them the Philippines’ only true atoll structures. Today the park encompasses huge slopes and vertical walls dropping to over 100 meters in depth, alongside vibrant reef flats and shallow lagoons.

The natural isolation and protected status of Tubbataha has provided a buffer from the impacts of tourism and allowed marine life to flourish boasting over 360 species of coral, as well as blacktip and whitetip reef sharks, grey nurse sharks, turtles, nudibranchs and stingrays, snapper and barracuda. Possible encounters with eagle rays, manta rays, hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, whale sharks, leaf scorpionfish and pygmy seahorses are just a few of the additional delights on offer.


Verde Island is close to Anilao and boasts some of the most pristine corals in the Philippines, with the Verde Island Passage often referred to as the heart of the Coral Triangle. The main attraction is the stunning reef and amazing variety of coral and fish species, although plenty of macro critters such as frogfish and nudibranchs can also be found. Strong currents in the area can also bring in larger pelagics like manta rays and thresher sharks.

Ticao is one of three major islands of the Masbate province, yet remains relatively peaceful and untouched, and is a great location to dive with manta rays, hammerheads and whale sharks, as well as huge schools of tuna and jackfish. Romblon Island is the gem at the heart of Romblon province, offering an authentic atmosphere away from the traditional tourist trail. It is widely regarded as a macro-heaven with an abundance of critters such as pygmy seahorses, wonderpuses, and mimic octopuses as well as the 'Holy Grail' of nudibranchs, the Melibe Colemani.


The Republic of Palau is an oceanic nation of over 300 islands that mark the western end of the Caroline Islands of Micronesia. Perched on the edge of an oceanic trench that plunges to over 5 kilometres in depth, the islands of Palau are home to some of the most diverse ecosystems in the Pacific, as well as some of the most exciting diving in the world. The renowned Rock Islands attract thousands of tourists every year, all drawn by the desire to explore the spectacular lagoons and dramatic karst landscape that have made Palau so famous.

Palau is located at a marine crossroad where the deep waters of the Pacific meet the nutrient-rich Philippine Sea, creating the perfect conditions to support incredibly diverse marine life. The limestone islands and reefs have been steadily eroded over millions of years creating dramatic walls, caverns, drop offs and hidden lakes that provide an exciting range of diving. World War II also left its mark on Palau, allowing divers to explore over 15 wreck sites including Amatsu Maru, Helmet Wreck, Iro Maru, Choyu Maru, and the famous Jake Seaplane. No trip to Palau would be complete without a visit to Jellyfish Lake and the surreal experience of drifting through vast clouds of stingless jellyfish.



Solitude One is a 52-meter steel-hulled liveaboard, transformed from a Japanese merchant vessel to redefine quality of service and professionalism in diving. The newly refurbished boat is purpose-designed for functionality and comfort, with a subtle touch of luxury. Solitude One can accommodate 22 guests in 10 ensuite cabins which are spread over 2 floors, each offering air-conditioning, safe, reading lights, toiletries, and wardrobe space. 5 delicious buffet-meals are served every day, with cup noodles, cookies, cakes, sweets, tea, coffee and soft drinks available all day – as well as beer, wine and spirits. When not diving, guests can soak up some sun on the spacious weather deck, unwind in the Jacuzzi or relax in the lounge, watching movies or playing video games. Experienced staff onboard Solitude One are trained to anticipate guests’ individual needs and appear only when required, creating a private “home away from home” atmosphere.

Solitude One boasts an incredibly spacious dive deck that can be easily reconfigured for major expeditions, and is equipped with plenty of storage space, hot water showers and 2 purpose-built fibreglass dive boats. Full equipment rental is available onboard, including computers, as well as Nitrox and complimentary SMBs and reef hooks. Aluminium tanks with DIN valves are used onboard, and yoke adapters are available. Solitude One is sidemount and rebreather friendly, and scrubbers can be organised with prior notice. For guests interested in underwater photography, this liveaboard also boasts a camera room, camera setup bench on the dive deck, and 2 very large camera rinse tanks with dedicated towels.



An example itinerary departs from Puerto Princessa, visiting the North Atoll first, taking in sites such as Malayan Wreck, Wall Street, Amos Rock, Shark Airport, and Washing Machine. The boat will then explore sites like South West Wall, Staghorn Point, Delsan Wreck, Black Wreck and T-Wreck on the South Atoll. On the return journey to Puerto Princessa, guests will get an opportunity to dive the famous Jessie Beazley Reef. Guests will also get a chance to dive the famous Jessie Beazley Reef, as well as visit the Ranger Station on the North Atoll, where they can learn all about the conservation efforts behind the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Solitude One takes divers around the remote Micronesian islands of Palau to discover some of the world’s most exciting diving, without compromising comfort or luxury. Guests can explore Palau’s iconic dive sites such as Blue Corner, German Channel, and Chandelier Cave as well as interesting surface activities including visits to ancient Palauan villages, Jellyfish Lake, and the secluded lagoon known as Milky Way with its naturally-white healing mud. Staff are happy to assist in arranging customised itineraries to suit guests’ needs and will strive to accommodate requested dive sites into their itinerary.

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